Tempputemmellys is a gymnastic, trampoline and parkour center located in Espoonlahti, which was founded by the former Finnish and Nordic champion of gymnastics, Annette Tieva, in 2006. Annette Tieva is a physical education instructor and has also completed a professional degree in sports management at the Finnish Sports Institute. Annette has a successful competitive career in gymnastics and she has won several Finnish championships both as a gymnast and as a coach. In addition to the Finnish championships, Annette has also been successful in her competitive career abroad and has won many international gymnastics competitions and Nordic championships. As the founder, managing director and exercise instructor of Tempputemmellys, Annette gets to share her experience and enthusiasm for the sport brought by a long gymnastics career with children, young people and instructors alike!


  • Inspires children and young people to move
  • Develops children's and young people's basic motor skills in a versatile way
  • Improves children's body awareness and body control
  • Offer experiences of success and thereby support the development of a positive self-image

During classes, tricks are performed on versatile scaffolding tracks and trampolines and new skills are learned taking into account the child's age and level of development. Experience the joy of exercise during trick-or-treating classes!

However, in contrast to the constant competition that dominates our time, Tempputemmellys is only created "as a hobby". In many sports, training quickly becomes competitive, but we at Tempputemmellys have wanted to keep the activity completely non-competitive. With us, everyone can practice and develop at their own pace in expert coaching while enjoying exercise!


Tempputemmellys is located in Espoonlahti, right next to Länsiväylä. Tempputemmellys moved to Espoonlahti in the summer of 2013, having previously operated in Kilo, Martinkallio and Kirkkonummi in Espoo. With the new, nearly 1,000 m² gymnasium and a wider range of classes, Tempputemmellys can now better meet the needs of exercisers of all ages and levels. A central location, good public transport connections and a free parking area make it easy to enjoy!


Höyrylaivantie 20, 02320 Espoo

045 1109091