Basic information of the groups!

  • Note! Children are not insured on behalf of Tempputemmellyns.
  • Training in a group at the right level is meaningful and developing! If you have challenges choosing the right group for your child, see below "How to choose the right group?" or contact us by phone. We are happy to help you find a suitable group for everyone!
  • Arrive approx. 5 minutes before the class starts. Outerwear can be left in the hall's coat racks or cupboards.
  • Bring a water bottle and flexible sports clothes to the exercises. Long hair should be tied up and dangling jewelry should be removed for practices.
  • In addition to guided exercises, the season fee includes one weekly free training session, i.e. Omapomppu on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday between 14:00 and 15:45 (tell the cashier your name when you arrive for this free Omapomppu shift!).
  • The groups practice once a week 16 times per season (autumn/spring).

    We offer 2 trial visits for new members (€15/time), without commitment for the whole season!

    DO THIS: If your child has not participated in our groups before, register for the group, but don't pay the bill right away. If you then decide to cancel after one/two trial lesson(s), send us an email WITHIN TWO DAYS OF THE TRIAL!! This way we can modify the bill (1x15€ / 2x15€). If the information is not notified within two days or if you participate more than twice to the lessons, we will charge the full season fee.


Fall season 2022 starts in week 34 (22.8-28.8) and ends in week 50 (12-18.12)

NOTE!! During the school fall vacation week (October 17-21), there are no exercises or Omapomppu included in the season fee.

Fall registrations are automatically transferred to the spring term, if the place is not canceled at the end of the fall term.

If you miss the class:

  • Absence times can be made up in another group of the same level 
  • Look at the class calendar (below) for a replacement time that suits you, and send us an email/call and suggest the replacement class you want.
  • If the group calendar says "full" for a group, it may be unlikely to get a replacement in that group.
  • We ask for notifications of absences so that the place can be given to a replacement if necessary.