Open practice time!


(time for anyone to come and jump)

Ti 21.5 kello 16-18

To 23.5 kello 16-18

Ti 4.6.kello 16-18

To 6.6 kello 16-17

Ti 11.6 kello 16-18

To 13.6 kello 16-18

Age limit

Open for everyone!


Under 8 years only with an adult


10€ / 1h

15€ / 2h

20€ / 3h

Private shift

Book the entire hall for your own use!

1h/ 50€ (max. 5 persons,

additional persons €10) 

Book at the bottom of the page!

During Omapomppu, the almost 1000 m² scaffolding hall and trampoline world of Tempputemmellys can be used freely by exercisers of all ages without supervision. During Omapomppu times, you can come to Tempputemmellys on your own to do tricks on the racks, jump on the trampolines or spend some exercise moments with a friend.

If you belong to the group, you can visit Omapomppu ones a week (tuesday-friday) free of charge! Tell the cashier your name when you arrive!

Those who participate in Omapomppu are not insured on behalf of Tempputemmellys.

All those using the trampoline world and the gym are required to wear athletic clothing (e.g. t-shirt and shorts, no jeans). In the gymnastics arena, people move barefoot, with non-slip socks or soft indoor slippers.



  • Thank you for reading and understanding the rules! This is how we create a safe training space together :)
  • The staff can remove people who break the rules from the space
  • The young children's hall on the upper floor is only intended for children under the age of 7 (accompanied by a parent)
  • The slide is lowered from top to bottom with the feet first. Climbing onto the slide is prohibited!
  • DO NOT dig into the soft area or carve our soft pieces
  • Do not go under the trampolines
  • The soft covers of wall trampolines are not for climbing - jump on wall trampolines instead!
  • The construction of shelters and huts is prohibited (not everyone can necessarily see people inside the hut, which creates safety risks)
  • Running games are prohibited during Omapomppu! (-->others may find it impossible to predict where runners will throw themselves, causing their training to suffer)
  • On trampolines, one bouncer at a time please! (-->several bouncers cause a "flight risk")
  • Racks and equipment are only used for the exercises intended for them (--> so that our equipment remains in good condition and the training space is safe for everyone)

Get tutorial videos in Omapomppu for 3€ !

Omapomppu's customers can "rent" Tempputemmellys' tablet with tutorial videos for their use at Omapomppu for 3€! There are a total of 18 instructional videos related to both parkour and gymnastics!



    • Wall spin 
    • Speed vault 
    • Monkey vault
    • Kong vault


    • Handstand
    • Hip pullover
    • Bridge
    • Falling to bridge
    • Raising from bridge


    • Front flip
    • Back flip
    • Half flip
    • Flick
    • Flip with straight  body
    • Side flip
    • Flip by twisting
    • Double flip
    • Aerial
    • Combinations (f.e arabian + flick + back flip)

    The tutorial videos are aimed at anyone who needs advice or reassurance for practicing (new) tricks. You can get different ideas and exercises from our teachers, with which you can start learning tricks independently with more confidence!

    Instructional videos can also be found at, where you can also buy them for yourself for a few euros! The service requires login, but after purchase, you can watch the videos again and again!

    Watch the free handstand tutorial video to get a taste of the videos:


    You can book our gymnastic area for private training! In this case, our entire scaffolding hall and trampoline park will only be used by your group!

    Gather a group and make a reservation below.


    50€/ 1hour  (for 5 persons) + 10€ additional persons