Groups for 1 to 16 years!

Adult-child -groups    (1-5 years)

    In the adult-child classes, you move on versatile scaffolding tracks and trampolines, developing body control together with your own adult. In the classes, the child plays the main role, but adults also get exercise. Skills practiced in adult-child groups include somersaults, various jumps, walking on a beam, hanging, swinging and ball handling skills. Learning takes place while playing, using music, nursery rhymes and various sports equipment. The children also learn the skills of working in a group in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. For an adult, the lessons are wonderful moments to enjoy physical activity together with the child!

          Price: 239 €/ season

    • Adult-child -group (2-4 years)
    • Adult-child -group (3-5 years)

    Tempputemmellys 1 or 2     (5-7 years)

    In Tempputemmellys groups, a child can start a versatile exercise hobby alone, learn new skills and practice working in a group. The skills practiced in the Temppetmellys 1 classes include, among others, somersaults forward and backward, various jumps, acrobatics on a pole, a beginner's cartwheel, a handstand belly against the wall, walking on a beam, and swinging ropes and rings. In addition, the skills practiced in the Tempputemmellys 2 groups are e.g. hips pullover, knee roll, straight leg somersault, eye of a needle, headstand against the wall and bridge. There are 1-2 teachers depending on the size of the group (max 12 children/group)

           Price 239 € / season

    • Tempputemmellys 1 (3-5  years)
    • Tempputemmellys 1 (4-6 years)
    • Tempputemmellys 2 (5-7 years)
    • Tempputemmellys 2 (6-8 years)

      Teline-Trampoliini 2, 3 or 4  (6-16 years)

      In these gymnastic-trampoline lessons, both rack gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics are practiced. In the gymnastics part of the class, you learn the basic movements of gymnastics and how to combine them on versatile balance lanes. In the trampoline training part of the lesson, different jumps and vaults and their combinations are practiced in the trampoline world. Gymnastics-trampoline lessons are available for children and teenagers of different ages, from beginners to experienced pros. Classes are very versatile and develop aerobic fitness, muscle strength, mobility, balance and coordination. The lessons are well suited for girls and boys, as well as side training for various sports such as ice hockey, soccer, indoor basketball and figure skating!

          Price 255€/ season

      • Teline-trampoliini 2 (beginners)
      • Teline-trampoliini 3 (basic)
      • Teline-trampoliini 4 (advanced)

      Parkour-Trampoliini 2, 3 or 4 (6-16 yars)

      Parkour-trampoline lessons include both parkour and trampoline gymnastics. In the parkour class, the basics of parkour, combinations of the basics and free running, or parkour, are practiced in a variety of ways, with tricks sometimes being combined. In the trampoline section, on the other hand, various jumps, vaults and body control in the trampoline world are practiced. Parkour is also included in trampoline training. The classes improve muscle condition, endurance, agility, coordination, body control and mobility - the basic idea of parkour is to try to move efficiently and gracefully over or under various obstacles and platforms.

            Price 255€/ season

      • Parkour-trampoliini 2 (beginners)
      • Parkour-trampoliini 3 (basic)
      • Parkour-trampoliini 4 (advanced)


      We offer 2 trial visits for new members (€15/time), without commitment for the whole season!

      DO THIS: If your child has not participated in our groups before, register for the group, but don't pay the bill right away. If you then decide to cancel after one/two trial lesson(s), send us an email WITHIN TWO DAYS OF THE TRIAL!! This way we can modify the bill (1x15€ / 2x15€). If the information is not notified within two days or if you participate more than twice to the lessons, we will charge the full season fee.