How to choose the right group?

Here you can read more detailed group-specific descriptions of each group.

Adult-child -groups

1-5 years 

Adult-child groups are best suited for children aged 1-5 who are not yet able or willing to participate in a gym class without the constant presence of a parent. In these classes, together with a parent and an teacher, basic gymnastics and exercise skills are practiced!

  • twisting
  • climbing
  • running
  • bouncing
  • hanging
  • ball handling
  • forward somersault

Tempputemmellys 1

3-6 years

Tempputemmellys 1 is suitable for children aged 3-6 who are already able to do gymnastics without the constant presence of a parent. In addition to the basic skills of exercise and gymnastics, the lessons also teach how to work independently in a group!

  • jumping on a trampoline
  • low beam walking
  • handstand belly against the wall
  • hands on a bar (oikonoja)
  • hanging from a bar + leg lift
  • forward somersault

Tempputemmellys 2

5-8 years

Tempputemmellys 2 group is suitable for 5-8 year old children who have already mastered the basics of gymnastics (see Tempputemmellys 1) The level 2 group includes practicing the following tricks:

  • the basics of trampoline jumping
  • high beam walking
  • stepping with your hands while hanging
  • on the bar somersault forward
  • elementary cartwheel
  • forward and backward somersault
  • upside down hanging (with help)

Teline - Trampoliini 2

Beginners, 6-8 years

Teline-trampoline 2 groups practice the basics of gymnastics and trampoline tricks, including the following tricks:

  • hip pullover (with assistance)
  • haging upside down
  • swinging on a bar
  • various basic trampoline jumps, jump combinations and body control exercises
  • cupper / the beginnings of the flip
  • bridge + falling to the bridge
  • handstand
  • headstand
  • backwards somersault
  • flying somersault
  • cartwheel / arabian

Teline - Trampoliini 3

Basic, 7-13 years

Teline-trampoline 3 group continues the basics of gymnastics and trampoline tricks. We wish that when the child moves to this level, he can master the tricks of the previous level (see the level 2). Teline-trampoliini 3 groups practices the following tricks, among others:

  • cartwheel & arabian
  • jumping from the lower bar to the upper bar
  • swing turn on the bar
  • hip pullover
  • different combinations of trampoline jumping
  • flipping and spinning
  • the beginnings of the backflip
  • flick
  • half a volt
  • front flip

Teline - Trampoliini 4

Advanced, 9-16 years

Teline-trampoline 4 groups practice more demanding tricks and trick combinations. When moving to this level, it would be worthwhile to master the tricks of the beginner and advanced levels (see levels 2 and 3)! At level 4 we offer personal challenges for each.

  • the beginnings of kip and giant on the bar
  • spinning on the bar
  • training for double volts
  • butterfly to the side/front
  • Arabic + flick/ backflip
  • flick (+combination)
  • half volt + combination
  • front flip with twist
  • back flip with twist

Parkour - Trampoliini 2

Beginners, 6-9 years

In the parkour-trampoline 2 we start specializing in parkour. You can participate in the group without previous experience in parkour or trampoline gymnastics, but, for example, mastering basic skills at level Tempputemmellys 1 or 2 is an advantage. Movements practiced in the group include, for example:

  • forward and backward somersault
  • cart wheel
  • basics of trampoline gymnastics and other trampoline body control training
  • swinging on a bars and various hanging tasks
  • precision jumps
  • underbar
  • cat jump
  • the beginnings of kong vault
  • roll
  • step over
  • wall spin basics
  • monkey vault

Parkour - Trampoliini 3

Basic, 7-13 years

In the parkour-trampoline 3 group, the basic skills of parkour are continued (see parkour-trampoline 2) and the learning of trampoline gymnastics is further developed. Practiced movements include, for example:

  • kong vault
  • speed vault
  • wall spin
  • monkey + double monkeys basics
  • underbar
  • lower bar <--> upper bar
  • cat leap
  • dash basics
  • precision jumps
  • wall run
  • flips
  • caer wheel / arabian
  • back flip basics

Parkour - Trampoliini 4

Advanced, 9-16 years

Parkour-trampoline 4 In the group, we delve into the more challenging movements of parkour and further develop the skills of trampoline gymnastics. At level 4, you should already master the basics and basic movements of parkour (see parkour-trampoline 2 & 3). Among other things, the following movements are practiced in the group:

  • douple kong vault
  • dash vault
  • lower bar <--> upper bar + twisting
  • wall run + wall flips
  • flips with twist
  • douple twists
  • combinations and speed runs
  • palm drop