We now offer instruction also in the form of instructional videos!

We have developed our teaching to a virtual format. With instructional videos, you can practice tricks and parkour step by step, guided by professional technique tips!

The instructional videos are aimed at anyone who needs advice or reassurance for practicing new tricks - or why not getting better the techniques of old tricks. You can get different ideas and exercises from the videos, with which you can start learning tricks independently with more confidence!

Instructional videos can be purchased for use:

  • At Omapompu for €3 (includes viewing rights to all videos during Omapompu)
  • At https://solidsport.com/tempputemmellys. The service requires login. The instructional videos cost a few euros, but you can watch them again and again after the purchase!

Here you can take a look - free handstand tutorial!

This is what we offer:


  • Handstand
  • Hip pullover
  • Bridge
  • Fallinf to the bridge
  • Raising from the bridge


  • Wall spin
  • Speed vault
  • Monkey vault
  • Kong vault


  • Front flip
  • Back flip
  • Half flip
  • Flick
  • Flip with straight body
  • Side flip
  • Flip with twist
  • Double flip
  • Aerial
  • Combinations (f.e arabian+flic+back flip)